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Since you clicked through to my secret page, let me share a story. My given name is Sarah Pearl, and I am beyond thrilled to bear the name of 5 past generations of "Pearls," all strong, wonderful, and creative women. It seemed a natural choice to name my studio after them and honor their legacy.

However, there was a time in my wee younger years that I desperately wanted a nickname. Even though I loved my given name, I was grieved that Sarah couldn't be shortened into a cuter version of the original. It was a problem. One day, I discovered from a baby name book that "Sally" was a nickname for Sarah. What sorcery was this??! I excitedly started writing "Sarah, nickname: Sally" on all of my papers at school. For some reason unbeknownst to me, it didn't ever catch on. It never occurred to me write simply Sally. Ah the foibles of youth...

But when my husband caught wind of it, he now lovingly calls me Sally, as do members of his family--in fact, I consider it more of a term of endearment than a nickname. Wish granted. 

RANDOM FACTS | secrets about sally

Top Ten Favorite things in Random Order

  1. picking the right checkout line at Costco

  2. impromptu dance parties with no shaming
  3. fire gazing while roasting the perfect marshmallow (and then giving it away)
  4. using all the veggies in the frig before they "turn"
  5. finding a $20 bill in my winter coat pocket after pulling it from deep storage
  6. the occasions when my yoga pants actually get used for yoga poses other than shavasana
  7. thrifting with friends (as long as they don't wear my same size)
  8. any food I don't have to cook myself (except oysters, ew)
  9. low-maintenance indoor plants that don't inexplicably die
  10. watching squirrels wrestle in my back yard

BONUS FACT: I also tend to use an overabundance of parentheses and exclamation points. (I had to reign those in here to seem more professional. It was a struggle.) 

What I don't do:

  •  finish laundry without orphaned socks
  •  take myself or Mark Wahlberg too seriously
  •  roller-skate backwards
  •  watch Olympic athletes' back-stories without crying
  •  stay in my allotted monthly grocery budget (with 3 teens, can you blame me?)
  •  not fall asleep while watching a movie after 9 pm

Again, I blame it on the children. Bless their hearts.

After that brief glimpse into my soul, are we kindreds yet? If so, tell me all about it!

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